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Our collection of travel packs and bags has been chosen to make your travels more comfortable and efficient. Whether it's our Polar Pack, Tropical Pack, or our Nat Hab Safari Duffel bag to meet tough luggage restrictions, you'll find something you can't travel without. Our guides love their Nat Hab Travel Daypack.
  1. Black Hole Wheeled Duffel 70L
    Black Hole Wheeled Duffel 70L

    The Black Hole Rolling Duffel by Patagonia meets the soft-sided packability requirements for charter flights on nearly all of our trips, but with the added benefit of wheels and a telescoping handle. It is also weather resistant for those rainy days, and has a zippered side pocket and a mesh pocket in the lid to keep things organized. And it’s not just good for you as a traveler–it’s also good for our planet. Patagonia kept 10 million plastic water bottles out of the waste stream by upcycling them into the materials for the durable Black Hole line of duffel bags. That’s what we call a win-win!


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  2. "No Matter What" Rolling Duffel
    "No Matter What" Rolling Duffel

    When your adventure requires a completely soft-sided duffel rather than a big suitcase for zipping through the airport or you prefer to tuck things away in your boat cabin, the Eagle Creek "No Matter What" Rolling Duffel makes it easy. Wheels and all fit into a stuff sack for compressed storage. The stuff sack also doubles as a place to pack wet shoes or gear while traveling. It's very stowable and will readily take you from the excitement of your Epic Botswana & Namibia Safari on to your extension to Cape Town.

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  3. Nat Hab Safari Duffel
    Nat Hab Safari Duffel

    The NHA Safari Duffel was specially designed for our travelers heading to areas with very tight luggage restrictions.  Take this classic bag with you from the deepest Kalahari to the beaches of Cape Town! Pairs up great with the Travel Luggage Cart if you like wheels in the airport.

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  4. Nat Hab Adventure Travel Daypack
    Nat Hab Adventure Travel Daypack

    Your everyday "must have" item for all of our adventures! This pack is extremely durable as well as water resistant, and even has a padded sleeve for a laptop. The “Airstripes” ventilation channels help keep your back cool while hiking through the hot jungles of Borneo or the canyons of Zion National Park. Combine it with our Essential NHA Packcover to keep everything inside dry on those rainy adventures. This one pack will take you from the airplane to the Serengeti Plains. Made by Deuter

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  5. Essential Adventure Daypack Cover
    Essential Adventure Daypack Cover

    Thank goodness for rain, or we wouldn’t have trees, flowers and, ummm, life! But rain can put a damper on your nature vacation so this special pack cover is here to ensure that at least your camera and all the goodies in your day pack stay good and dry. It fits great over our Nat Hab Travel Daypack. Made by Sea to Summit.

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  6. Lightweight Dry Sacks
    Lightweight Dry Sacks

    Sometimes, travel is wet. You might get caught in a downpour in a Costa Rican rainforest, hit a wave in a Zodiac in Greenland, or simply not notice the tide coming in on the beach in Baja. When these circumstances arise, think about the peace of mind that will come from knowing your camera and other essentials are in one of these protective dry sacks made by Sea to Summit. Extremely lightweight, these are also practical travel items that can be used as laundry bags, or a place to pack your extra shoes to keep the rest of your clothes clean. This might be one of the most useful items you can bring along on your next adventure.

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  7. Nat Hab Packing Cubes
    Nat Hab Packing Cubes

    Don’t you just hate when your underwear ends up in your tee shirt section and your turtleneck gets mixed into your socks pile? We do too...but we’ve got a solution: Eagle Creek Packing Cubes will keep all your ducks in a row (and your socks in a cube!). Mesh panels make it easy to see what's inside and keep air flowing so your clothes stay fresh. And the time you save by NOT searching for that last clean tee shirt can be spent searching for a resplendent quetzal.

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  8. Nat Hab Specialized Tropical Pack
    Nat Hab Specialized Tropical Pack

    Get four essentials in one! Our Nat Hab Specialized Tropical Pack includes items that are perfect for any of our tropical adventures. Inside the sturdy Nat Hab Travel Daypack by Deuter you will find the Essential Travel Daypack Cover and a 13L Lightweight Dry Sack by Sea to Summit to keep everything dry in the rainforest. Top if off with the Nat Hab Tropical Cap and you are ready to explore. 

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  9. Nat Hab Specialized Polar Gear
    Nat Hab Specialized Polar Gear

    The Nat Hab Polar Pack includes specially chosen travel gear to keep you organized, warm and toasty! All polar packs include our sturdy Nat Hab Adventure Travel Daypack by Deuter and our soft, warm and cozy Nat Hab Fleece Hat and Neck Gaiter made especially for Nat Hab of 100% recycled material and Photo Finger Gloves. Go north, stay warm!

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  10. Nat Hab Youth Expedition Kit
    Nat Hab Youth Expedition Kit

    Traveling with kids is a blast! Now they can really participate in the adventure with Nat Hab's Youth Expedition Kit. Designed especially for young travelers, 100% PET Recycled Polyester Youth Daypack (with plenty of pockets for rock collecting) comes with a Nat Hab Youth Stainless Steel Water Bottle and a Streamlight Enduro LED Headlamp.

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