Nat Hab Adventure Outerwear for Women

All of our outerwear has been field tested and highly dependable. Our high quality jackets, vests and accessories are the very same we outfit our guides and staff with so we know they are great. As stylish as they are functional, they are the best at keeping you comfortable when you visit wildlife in their natural habitats!
  1. Nat Hab Women's Down Adventure Jacket
    Nat Hab Women's Down Adventure Jacket

    One word describes this product: Packable. Umm, and light. And warm! OK, it takes a lot of words to describe this jacket by Patagonia that is made of responsibly-sourced down and fits inside a small carry-on bag with your camera, your water bottle and your copy of James' Michener's Alaska. It's a great item for cold weather trips and explorations in mountainous regions all year round. This is the jacket that our entire staff wears throughout the winter in Colorado.


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  2. Nat Hab Women's Down Adventure Vest
    Nat Hab Women's Down Adventure Vest

    This down vest by Patagonia is perfect when you want to keep your core warm but your arms free to move. It also layers well under a parka when you need to maintain every degree in extremely cold conditions. The windproof and water-repellent shell is made from recycled polyester and the 800-fill down is ethically sourced, so you can feel good and warm when you wear this vest. 


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  3. Nat Hab Women's Guide Fleece Jacket
    Nat Hab Women's Guide Fleece Jacket

    Early explorers lugged heavy wool, leather and animal hides to protect themselves from the elements. Fortunately, us modern day explorers can leave those weighty items behind and travel with the “magic” of fleece, a light weight and cozy wicking material that stuffs easily into any day pack or duffel. Our guides depend on these items and so will you! Made by Patagonia


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  4. Nat Hab Women's Guide Fleece Vest
    Nat Hab Women's Guide Fleece Vest

    We don't want to state the obvious, but in nature, the ability to move your arms is a good thing. Welcome to the Nat Hab Sweater Vest by Patagonia! Reach high for your camera gear in the top storage of your sailboat or keep your arms free as you kayak the coast of Greenland. This 100% recycled fleece garment is not your grandfather's sweater vest!


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  5. Nat Hab Women's Adventure Rain Jacket
    Nat Hab Women's Adventure Rain Jacket

    This is the ideal jacket for hiking, backpacking, traveling or exploring around town. You will be comfortable in a rainforest with just a shirt underneath or an Alaskan summer as a top layer over a fleece. This is truly the "ultimate travel jacket" and our guides never leave home without this waterproof, breathable shell by Marmot in their day pack. 

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  6. Nat Hab Hoodie
    Nat Hab Hoodie

    The hoodie has become a great American clothing item, a utilitarian piece that is just plain cool! The Nat Hab Hoodie made of 55% Organic Cotton and 45% Recycled Polyester lets you be stylish and sustainable at the same time. Our Boulder staff wear them from the crisp fall right through the snowy Colorado winters. This is one of the very few travel clothing items that we can definitely define as both “cozy” and “cool!”

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