Travel Accessories

We've put a lot of thought into our travel accessories, choosing a selection of just the right options to add to your gear. Check these out—you're sure to find something to enhance your next adventure.
  1. Canon SX70 HS Camera Package
    Canon SX70 HS Camera Package

    You know that moment. You are in a forest in Madagascar taking a close-up of a leaf-tailed gecko when you hear an indri crashing through the treetops above you. You frantically fumble with your camera trying to switch to your telephoto lens, only to drop your macro lens in a puddle on the muddy trail in your haste. You miss the action above you and might not be able to use your now-damaged macro lens for the rest of the trip. If this scenario makes you cringe, the Canon PowerShot SX70 HS might be the perfect camera for you. 

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  2. Camera Storm Jacket
    Camera Storm Jacket

    In our decades of planning and guiding photographic adventures, we’ve come to notice that mother nature is indifferent to how dry your camera stays during an expedition. Fortunately, you have the upper hand now with our Storm Jacket camera cover by Vortex. Built to endure rain, snow, dust, and sand, and made of rip-proof AquaNylon fabric, it functions just like a rain jacket for your camera and slips on and off in just seconds. Because we know cameras and lenses come in a variety of sizes, so too do these storm jackets. Follow the measurement chart below to make sure you get the proper fit. 

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  3. Guide Binoculars
    Guide Binoculars

    Take it from our own Expedition Leaders, the Vortex 8x42mm Viper HD Binoculars are exactly what you need in the field when you want to bring wildlife in close. Don't miss out on thrilling details when animals keep their distance -- these binoculars will reveal features and behaviors you'd otherwise miss. They are also superb for bird viewing, and are the field glasses of choice for our Belize guide, who loves the help they provide in spotting scarlet macaws and other captivating species. NHA Bino/Camera Harness included

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  4. Adventurer Trekking Poles
    Adventurer Trekking Poles

    Keep yourself steady on rough terrain, hills or icy surfaces with the Tellurite 7075 OLS trekking poles. These aluminum poles are exceptionally light, and the Outerlock height adjustment system makes it easy to quickly change the length with the snap of a lever. They were upgraded for increased comfort in 2019, with soft-touch webbing wrist straps and molded cork handles. Sold as pairs, they are collapsible for packing. Made by Mountainsmith.

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  5. Nat Hab Bino/Camera Harness
    Nat Hab Bino/Camera Harness

    If traveling with your binocs leaves bouncy bumps and bruises on your chest, try the Bino/Cam Harness, a perfect solution for nature travelers with an eye for optics. One size, adjustable.

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  6. Travel Adapter Plugs
    Travel Adapter Plugs

    Most electronic devices have a built-in voltage converter (computers, phones, battery chargers). Thus, the plug adapters we sell do not covert voltage, they merely allow you to plug into the socket. Use a proper voltage converter along with a plug adapter if your device is not compatible with the country's voltage and doesn’t convert automatically. 

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  7. Nat Hab PopSockets
    Nat Hab PopSockets

    Ask any of our staff photographers the biggest advancement in nature photography in the past five years and they are likely to point to the tiny little camera on their smartphone. The quality of the images these cameras take improves on an annual basis, and most of us have them right at our fingertips at all times. Even the professionals who cart around giant lenses end up capturing a surprising number of their best images with their phones! Integral to the smartphone camera revolution is the PopSocket, a subtle handle that gives you a secure grip and doubles as a stand for hands-free watching of videos and slideshows. Up your smartphone photography game today!

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  8. Travel Luggage Cart
    Travel Luggage Cart

    Our safaris and adventures often take our guests to ‘the ends of the earth’ in search of the world’s greatest natural sites. Of course, getting there isn’t easy (If it was, it wouldn’t be so beautiful, would it?) so we frequently travel in light aircraft that cannot accommodate large luggage with wheels. On your next safari or adventure, why not use this handy Samsonite folding wheeled luggage cart that can get you through international airports en route to your remote destination? Then, once there, it stows away nicely on our smaller aircraft. Lightweight weighing 3#, stainless steel, sturdy wheels, easily opens and closes, holds up to 70 lbs. It pairs up perfectly with our Nat Hab Safari Duffel!

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